Save the date for Dolphin Tale!

We have a tough time finding a movie we can take our whole family to.

Some are too violent. Others, too “adult-themed.” Some seem like they should be just fine, but don’t pass what I call our s-test … they’re just flat too stupid.

So I’m very excited to tell you about the upcoming film, Dolphin Tale! Produced by Grace Hill Media, the people who made The Blind Side, this movie is based on a true story about a dolphin who loses its tale, and the technology that saves her–and is later translated into something that benefits many others. And wonder of wonders … it features two *homeschooled* students–in a positive light! Yes! It can be done! 


Grace Hill wants to see if homeschoolers are a valid group for Hollywood to make movies for. And so I want to encourage you to RSVP to attend the first showing on September 23rd at noon. The showing then will make the biggest statement to the producers regarding the viability of such productions.

A free curriculum is even available for the movie here –written by the author of Apologia’s Marine Biology textbook!

Here’s a letter from Nathan Clarkson, homeschool liaison for Homeschool Movie Club, which is in charge of rallying the troops …

Join homeschoolers nationwide to see the movie Dolphin Tale together. It makes a statement to Hollywood to rally behind movies that ‘get it right’ and tell great stories without all the junk, twaddle, and moral compromise! This movie has all the good stuff we want more of and is truly entertaining and inspiring from ages 5-95!!!

It’s time the homeschool community shows Hollywood we have a voice. But how? We need a story we can support and get behind, a story that affirms who we are and what we stand for.
Dear Friends, Dolphin Tale is such a story! This movie even has 2 homeschool kids who play the main role! (The casting agents went to a local support group in California and found them!)
It is a family movie that will inspire, instruct, and bring you to tears because of the great story line.
The bottom line is that the Homeschool Movie Club wants to show Hollywood that the those of us with Christian and strong family values are a big enough market to support other great movies with traditional, conservative family values. I am hoping you will be a part of this great opportunity with me!

 So … will you join me? Please RSVP on facebook here …  to attend the noon showing of Dolphin Tale on September 23rd. You can read Sally Clarkson’s post on why it’s so important at

See you at the movies! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

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One Response to Save the date for Dolphin Tale!

  1. Homeschoolmovieclub says:

    Hi Encouraging Hearts at Home,

Thank you so much for your support. It’s so neat to see people rallying behind a project like DOLPHIN TALE with great family values and morals.
I want to let you and your readers know that there is a round of FREE screenings for Homeschoolers who would like to attend an early screening of the movie.  We want our community to get excited about “Homeschool Day” on September 23, so we want as many folks as possible to attend the advance screening of Dolphin Tale and spread the word about this inspiring true story.

Click on the link below to RSVP to a city where the movie will be screened on 9/10:
Thanks again for your support.  It’s because of you that we Homeschoolers will soon have a voice in Hollywood!

Best wishes,

    Nathan J. Clarkson

    Homeschool Movie Club

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