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Good morning, friends! And happy Monday.  :-) My newest article is up this morning at Heart of the Matter Online. I can only share a teaser with you here, so …

You know things are bad when you want to throw in the towel.

And the calendar heading only reads … September.

Or worse yet … August.

I had some great plans for this summer, as perhaps many of you did. Looking around the house back in May, I knew there was just too much stuff in too little room. Books, clothes, furniture—it all needed major de-cluttering. Because we were worn out and had trainings to attend and mini-vacations scheduled, I didn’t jump into that work right away. Ambitiously, I came up with a perfect plan with about 5 weeks to go: I asked a sweet friend to take my little people *out* of the house for 6-8 hours one day a week, so I could tackle the job one room at a time.

It was a good plan, I tell you … it just didn’t work. The kids had a great time, which was important. But somehow, even that many hours alone gave me just enough time to regularly-clean each room. Unfortunately, the trim-painting, furniture-moving and dresser/cabinet/shelf emptying eluded me. Our school start date mocked me from the calendar, and did a downright sassy dance when it arrived, knowing full well I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I’d planned to be… In case of moving things from one place to another, no worries! You can count on some of the long distance moving companies.

You can read the rest here at HeartoftheMatter Online!

I did get a kick out of reading this article myself again today, since I wrote it last month for my HOTM deadline BUT the topic goes perfectly with the new audio download I’m working on, titled, “Just Give Up!” It’s almost ready to go and will be available here *any day now*–as soon as I get my voice back so I can record all the hours of work I’ve been putting into it, haha! So please pray for me, and check back in the next few days–I hope to have it up by Wednesday for purchase and instant download!

Have a fabulous week!

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