We Were Not Saved to be Tamed

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My book club is currently reading Lioness Arising, by Lisa Bevere. Wonderful, inspiring, dream-awakening book, by the way, in case you’re looking for something for your own nightstand! I read it the first time this summer after hearing Lisa speak at a church conference. This is my third time through it since then, and I’m quickly learning to use the highlighting function on my Nook!

Had to share this thought from her with you today …

God did not save you to tame you.

Much of the world seems to have the idea that God is all about calming us down and teaching us how to be “nice.” The problems with this have been discussed in other places (the Eldredge’s books come to mind) so I won’t get into it too much here, but I do want to encourage you to remember that God wired you in a certain way, with a particular personality and specific gifts. When you give your life to Him, He didn’t expect you to become less of yourself …

He wants you to be MORE.

There’s a new season breaking, ladies. It can be felt on the street, in the church, over the airwaves. The enemy is pacing, getting nervous. Attacking those who are on the fringes, alone, wandering without purpose.

God wants to awaken all He’s placed inside you for His purposes. Women have a way of rising up when they take note of an impending attack. We often hear the reference made when a mom goes on the offensive regarding her children; she’s called a “mama bear.” Guess where that mama-bear instinct comes from? The One whose image we were created in!

Be forewarned; your enemy won’t like it. If you put yourself out there, take a stand for something, prepare to be attacked because you will become a target.

But if you don’t … he’s already won.

So … what is it that gets your claws and teeth out, mama bear? Could it be … just maybe … that therein you might just find your calling, and the thing God created you to DO SOMETHING about???

Hmmmm … I wonder …

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3 Responses to We Were Not Saved to be Tamed

  1. Makes me think of Paul… that guy was intense before he met Christ, and then he got to be a whole lot more “mama bear” after that. He was whipped, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, imprisoned and still boldly preached to everyone!


    • Misty Krasawski says:

      Luke! Hello! Haven’t “seen” you for awhile, and was actually just thinking of you the other day. If you get a second, would you email me? I have a question for you. I’ll pop by your blog and leave a note there, too, in case you don’t see this. Oh–and yes, it’s soooo Paul! And Hosea–that’s where God says HE’S going to tear out people’s chests … ai yi yi! Some real ferocity in the Word of God! ~Misty

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