Take Care of Yourself

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Today I’m going to preach to myself and you get to listen in, okay? I do that a lot, actually. Just sayin.’

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I always want to say, “Yeah, right.”

Anyway, it used to drive me crazy that they’d say, “If you are traveling with a small child, please put on your own oxygen mask first.” What’s wrong with these people, seriously? Do they really think I’m going to worry about myself first in such a situation?

It took a few flights and pondering times to figure out why they were right.

If I can’t breathe, the small children in my life are in trouble.

You know what? I’m a little worried about that right now. I’m feeling a bit underwater. And I’m thinking it might be more than just the 3-going-on-4 weeks of bronchitis I’ve been fighting.

I sat with my friend over coffee last week, we were talking about how she wanted to get water filtration systems for her home and she asked me a few questions that I will pass along, because I need to hear them myself, again.

Are you getting enough sleep?

I am a true night owl; always have been. I can stay up pretty late, and still wake up at a semi-decent time. Lately, though, it’s gotten a bit crazy. My night owl husband, who is even worse than I, got into a habit of running to his office to do some last minute work … at 11:30 pm. Of course that meant I couldn’t really sleep until he got back. Bad plan.

When the house doesn’t quiet down until after 11 pm (teenagers, anyone?) it’s very tempting to spend a couple of desperately-needed hours alone reading on the couch, or surfing the web in peace, or cleaning up the kitchen or folding laundry. But while that doesn’t do much damage once in awhile, a steady stream of late nights is not healthy.

I’ve got to start running everyone off to bed earlier, and making friends with the pillow earlier.

And how about exercise?

I was doing pretty well with this one. A few weeks ago my friend and I started hitting the local Y while our daughters took their twice-weekly dance lessons. When a third class day was tacked on to their schedule, we even added a mom’s dance class for ourselves!

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Then, life happened. The mom’s class didn’t have enough interest, so it was cancelled. Subsequently, I caught bronchitis, and working out made me cough my head off which wasn’t really fun for anyone. Hence, no working out lately.

Anyway, exercise is imperative. Being at home with my kids all day means I don’t get enough of it unless I purposefully fit it in there–and in Florida, it can be especially tough between the high temps and humidity. Thank goodness for fall! A 30 minute walk every day is an easy way to get some endorphins flowing, work my heart, burn a few calories and enjoy the beauty God’s put out there for all to see, besides the walks, I also like to get health supplements at https://legalsteroidshere.com/ because I think they help me stay healthy and in shape when I don’t get a workout in, I even spoil myself getting a gentle laser hair removal service once in a while.

What about drinking water?

This one always gets me. I am just flat not a drinker … of anything! Truthfully, I seldom if ever feel thirsty. So I’ve got to start pouring myself a pitcher of water and purposing to finish it off every day, or it’s just not gonna happen. Adding a squeeze of lemon or a splash of orange juice helps make it more palatable if you’re not a fan.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, brain fog, stiff joints, irritability and headaches.

Yup. And you thought that was just being a mom!

How are you doing at taking care of yourself?

Put on your own oxygen mask. The people depending on you need you to keep breathing.

Think I’ll go drink a glass of water and take a walk …

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6 Responses to Take Care of Yourself

  1. Kei says:

    I understand about weather problems and walking… where I live in Oregon we have rain 2/3 of the time.  Really hard to take little ones walking in the rain. :(

  2. Shawne says:

    adjusting my own mask as we speak 😉

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  4. Kate Sanderson says:

    The “eight glasses of water a day” thing is a myth:


    That amount includes all the water you ingest from every source.  Broccoli is about 90% water.  Even bread is about 35% water. 

    • MistyK says:

      Well, thank goodness I didn’t tell anyone they had to drink eight glasses a day, then!  😉

      We get at least four glasses worth from the foods we eat, from what I’ve read. So that’s a start. I suppose much depends upon what you eat, exactly.
      The point remains … we do need to drink some water–especially me!

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