10 Things My Relevant Roomie Should Know About Me

In just a teeny, tiny bit over two weeks, I will be heading north (hallelujah!) to attend Relevant, a conference for Christian ladies who also happen to love pouring their thoughts out into cyberspace. Created by the fabulous SarahMae of 31 Days to Clean fame, this conference is one I’ve been dreaming of since last year. I am especially excited to be away from the laundry  spend time with my dear, chic New Yorkian friend whom I met at the first MomHeart Leadership Intensive years ago, Kristen Kill. If you’ve never seen her blog, you should take a peek–it’s called Hope With Feathers (is that not a darling title? Seriously?)

So anyway, the challenge has gone out for us to publicly share 10 things our roommates should know about this. Not one to stand down, here is my list. Ahem.

1. I will not be able to *really* focus on the fact that I’m leaving for this conference until approximately 9 pm the night before, when the children are in bed and I begin packing. There will just be too much to do until then. So, while I may say “I’m so excited!” I will not be able to offer any details as to what exactly I’m excited *about* or even what I want to *do* while I’m there until, well, 9pm on Wednesday, October 26th. So if you need details, it’ll have to wait until then.

2. I do not check my luggage. It annoys me. Therefore, I will have only one roll-on with me. This does not mean that I pack lightly. What it does mean is that when I open the suitcase, you will want to stand back, and prepare for what will loosely resemble what it might look like for a hundred clowns to tumble out of a Volkswagon.

3. I will not call my family a zillion times while we’re gone. Long ago, I learned that if I do, I miss them too much. Please don’t think I don’t miss them. I’m trying not to, until I’m on my way home.

4. I am very anxious to learn all I can about blogging, because I want to work smart with the limited amount of time I have. While my heart longs to write and express myself and bring glory to God and put itself out there, I *know* the focus of my life has to be my family. We will probably stay up wayyyyy too late talking about this exact thing.

5. I prefer to travel with a teacup, and will only refrain from bringing a smelly candle like I used to because I’ve become afraid of the smoke system and being “rained” on. I’ll pack an extra teacup for you.

6. My wardrobe will consist of entirely too much color and floral prints to suit your black and gray New York sensibility. The up side is that we won’t get our clothes mixed up.

7. I prefer to take baths, even though the tub at the hotel will be about one-fifth the size of mine at home. This means I’ll have bubble bath in my bag, too. You may borrow some.

8. I am an *extremely* quick get-ready-in-the-morning-er. (Pretty sure that’s not anything remotely resembling a word, but you know what I mean, so I don’t care.) This means I don’t need much time in the bathroom. Aren’t you glad you’re rooming with me now?

9. I have. to. eat. breakfast. Starchy pastries are lovely and some of my favorite things, but alone, will not suffice as breakfast, so if that means I have to order room service … oh yeah, baby. 

10. I adore you, can’t wait to see you, and plan to take way too many notes–and not only from the sessions, but from our night time conversations. When I get really excited about something, I tend to sing whatever words I’m saying. This habit may rub off on you. It’s happened to others. Consider yourself forewarned. God is so good to have brought you into my life, and I plan to squeeze all I can out of our limited time! And out of you, too. But that’s besides the point.

Relevant … 15 days, baby!  :-)

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  1. Nice to “meet” you! I’m getting so excited about Relevant too! :)

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