First Things First – A New Look at Quiet Time

In a previous post, I talked about the need we mamas have to put on our own oxygen masks *first.* You can read more about that thought here. Basically, if we don’t care for ourselves, those around us are going to suffer.

Lately, the Lord has been reminding me that there’s one thing I can do that’s guaranteed to change the course of my day; to prepare my heart to deal with the inevitable difficulties and pressures about to ensue; to assure me of wisdom and something to share with my children. What is this marvelous thing, you ask? The answer is simple — time with God!

Now,we all know we’re supposed to spend an hour with God every morning, right? And if you’re a Christian woman, you probably feel a weight of guilt because it probably doesn’t happen ever every single day. If you’re anything like me, knowing you “should” do something and finding it impossible to do could be a recipe for disaster!

But I think when we allow the enemy to beat us up over this one, we’re really off track. Here’s why … spending time with the Lord is not something we’re supposed to check off, like it’s the first thing on our never-ending “To Do” list. God’s not up in heaven looking down with His hands on His hips, thinking, “She’d better sit down with her Bible this morning, or I’m not going to bless her!” He isn’t keeping a checklist with points next to our daily activities, with extra ones for the especially Christian-ish ones like Bible study, serving at church or volunteering at the soup kitchen.

God loves us … with an everlasting love. A love great enough to send Jesus to the cross. He desires fellowship with us. Amazing grace! He wants to hear your voice … and He wants you to hear from Him.

And so “quiet time” isn’t something we do for God. It’s something He’s waiting to do for us. Opening His Word is an opportunity to hear His voice; to receive direction for our day, wisdom about something we’re worried over, encouragement for our weariness. I have been amazed for 30-some years at the uncanny way whatever I happen to read applies to my life. At this point, I don’t want to miss it, because it’s become not something to check off, but a time to say … “What will He say to me, today?”

Ask the Lord today if your mind needs to make a shift … has quiet time always been a duty? Give it a chance to become a delight! The Living God is with you, waiting … and He has something to say!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very encouraging. Thanks Misty.

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