Today’s Encouragement: Unplug

For today, sweet friend, might I encourage you with the message I’m hearing from the Lord?

It’s going to be a challenge, and I almost think I might be able to accept it … (weak smile)

My husband surprised me a few weeks ago, after my cell phone bit the dust, with an iphone.

As you can, perhaps, imagine, at this point I see that as both blessing and curse. While before I was drawn to my home computer, with its close proximity (in the kitchen, where I spend much of my time!) and its enticements of adult conversation, helpful information and entertaining banter, now the reach of the internet has expanded across the entire known universe.

(Wait–Was it already there and I just didn’t know it? Yes, I suppose that’s true. Anyway, you get the picture.)

That’s how I found myself, in the last two weeks, being constantly tempted to not really be wherever it is that I am. All of a sudden I have a new appreciation and sympathy for the teens you see walking around staring at the glowing monster in their hands. I’m on my way to becoming one of them.

Uh oh.

And so, for today, I shall plug my phone into the wall in my bedroom and (gasp!) leave it there.

All day.

I will not watch twitter, or check my email, or find out what’s going on with the crazy people occupying lazing around Wall Street. I’m even going to stay away from my kitchen computer for the next eight hours.

Pray for me, will you?

And join me, if you are feeling the nudge, yourself? I have a feeling we might learn something important. 

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3 Responses to Today’s Encouragement: Unplug

  1. Kirstyn says:

    no one can comment cuz they all took your challenge…

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