Make Something Beautiful!

I think it was about a week ago when I first was introduced to my new friend, Cole, from Simply Created by Cole. You’ve got to go see all of the fun things she makes by clicking that link above! She’s going to be with me at the Relevant conference, and was tweeting about a recent sale she’d attended to show off the wonderful hand-made journals she creates. I especially liked this one …

How darling is that, right? And I can ALWAYS use a new journal. So when I heard she was doing a giveaway, I had to sign up!

And yesterday, on my home from the beach, I got this happy little message … I WON! Yippee!

Since Relevant is only 11 days away, she’s going to deliver it in person. Which is good, because that gives me a chance to hug her cute little self.

Making pretty things is something I love to do, too. I think being creative is actually something God has hard-wired into each one of us. Perhaps it’s because He’s made us in His image, and He’s obviously a Beauty-Maker, that we feel driven to beautify our spaces in different ways. Creating pretty things for my home is one of my favorite things to do. My sister-in -law would claim she isn’t “crafty,” but she mixes colors and paints and snips to give people beautiful hair. One of my closest friends is talented at a zillion things including house decor, creating photo books, and writing music to help our kiddos memorize their grammar, Latin and English facts. Our dear Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience is the queen of beautiful words (and spaces, too, plus she has good hair … hmm. Perhaps she’s an overachiever!)  I don’t know about you, and I haven’t had a chance to ask Cole (yet!) but I’d be willing to bet we’d all say the same thing if given the chance to think about it: we need to create beauty. When I haven’t made anything for awhile, I get cranky!

Whether it’s a pretty table centerpiece, a Monet-inspired garden, or a gourmet meal that excites you, take some time to be a beauty-maker today! On my dining room table right now is one of my creations which reminds me that you don’t need to have a lot of money to pretty something up. I think it may have been Sally Clarkson talking about setting a pretty table whom I heard suggest years ago that if money was tight, you could make a nice tablecloth–even if you can’t sew!– by purchasing a length of fabric and cutting it to fit your table with a pair of pinking shears. She was right, of course! On sale at W-Mart, I found the perfect, fall-y plaid fabric on sale, and that tablecloth has served my family on the first day of fall for several years.  My newest creation really took no thought at all but makes my heart happy …

A big fat candle, a fall-y candle ring, and a charger I bought years ago at Target for a dollar made a lovely addition to my countertop (and obviously is easily relocated to wherever I want some “pretty!”) Right now, of course, fall decor is on sale at most craft stores, and if you grab a coupon you could really find some great deals!

Candles can be purchased very inexpensively at most dollar stores, and for many years they’ve been my go-to decor accesory of choice for that reason. The dollar store may surprise you, actually, with the various items that could be combined to spruce up your home. And of course, most of us have things packed away that we don’t usually use that could be put together creatively to add beauty to our homes. China languishing in a cupboard; old pictures stacked under your bed or in a closet; interesting grasses, leaves or flowers from your yard–putting found things together in new ways is a great way to save money while decorating.

Today, create something beautiful at your house! Ask God to give you an idea for something that would make your space pretty and bring a smile to you and your family. And I’d love to hear all about it, by the way–please leave a comment and let me know how you were inspired!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Misty!  I love this perspective of creating beauty.  Articulates what I try to do around here, but couldn’t really articulate it.  

    I will be at Relevant next week, too!  Hope to meet you!

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