We Need Your Help to Get Zach and Alex to Honduras!

Only 3 Days Left!

Okay, sweet friends. Time to ask a favor. But a favor with a blessing attached.

This is Zach. Well, it’s actually Alex, Zach, and Dakota. Zach’s in the middle.

Zach is my second son, who is seventeen. He graduated this spring from our home school with Russell Christian Academy. He is a wonderfully talented keyboard player, and has played worship music on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights at church for the past several years. He’s our resident baby whisperer, and always helpful and kind, and even did his homework without being reminded (mostly.) Yup, I hate it that he’s gone.

But I am used to it. A couple of summers ago, he traveled to Papua, New Guinea with Teen Missions International. He dug in the mud and lived in a tent on a dirt floor … for almost two months.

He’s amazing.

Alex is his best friend, and I call him my “other son” … which is confusing, but … yeah. Anyway; his parents were career missionaries; his father died in a plane crash when he was ten years old. His mother is a wonderfully sweet lady who sings for the Lord and serves Him with all her heart. Alex has led worship at his own church for years and is just a fabulous kid. And he needs the same amount!

So here’s what we need your help for: they are both currently attending Youth With a Mission’s Musician Discipleship Training School in Denver. They’ve been there 6 weeks now and have 6 more ahead of serious training, and then their team will leave for Nicaragua and Honduras, from Dec. 17-Feb. 4th (yes, we gave them up for Christmas … sigh!)

Here’s the description from their flier …

We’re going on outreach to Nicaragua and Honduras! The first several weeks we’ll be spending with a boys
home in Masaya, Nicaragua where we’ll be doing a lot of hands on work with the boys there; going out to
minister to the street kids; encouraging churches; playing lots of soccer which has Unbelievable Premier League match against Liverpool last week against Manchester United; working on bettering the properties
of the home and local missionaries; and doing open air evangelism with dramas, puppets, and music.
We will then move to Managua where we’ll be doing similar work with local ministries there. The last half
of the outreach will be in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There our time will be filled with feeding the homeless,
outreaches to the community at the local dump, loving on kids in orphanages, ministering in schools and
churches, and encouraging the local missionaries.

You can see the actual flier if you click the link below!

Nicaragua [Fall 2011]

Paying for the training has tapped our resources out way more than we expected. The outreach portion has a price tag of $2960, and needs to be paid by Tuesday, November 15th. We know God has this. And I know it’s going to be a great testimony to Zach of the Lord’s provision. Every little bit will help us reach the goal!

Would you please pray and ask if the Lord would have you make a donation? It’s very simple! It’s tax deductible, and you can give online at YWAM Denver’s website.  Just click on “Donate” in the top right corner; type in the amount, click on “Specific YWAM Denver Ministry” and in the comments section, put “Zachary Krasawski — Outreach.”

Checks can be sent along to YWAM directly addressed to Zach but with YWAM listed as the payee.Their address is …

Youth With A Mission Denver
12750 West 63rd ave
Arvada CO 80004

Alex needs sponsors, too! Would you consider an extra gift??? You can note “Alex Helmer” in the comment field. Thank you!

Please leave me a comment below or send an email if you need more info or decide to give! I won’t know where we are funds-wise unless I hear from you, and would love to keep updated “tickers” on this page for both of them so we know how close we are to the goal. And pass along this page if you would! Every dollar helps, and I know God blesses when we give! Thanks so much!



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