Don’t Be Small

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I believe is every woman’s tendency to enter any new social situation (and even many old ones) with one thing on our minds. It’s not because we’re prideful, most of the time. What we’re usually thinking is, “Does my hair look okay? Is this the right outfit? Is that lady going to talk to me this time? Does my present look fancy enough? Can I get there on time?”

The problem is, all those things have one thing in common: me.

When I walk into a room, sometimes I walk in small.

Walking in small isn’t the plan, of course. I don’t decide to think about me. I just stress about what everyone else is going to think about me for an hour before and then all the way there. The reality is that sometimes, I go in looking for someone to make me feel better about myself. And that’s when I’m in trouble.

Because everyone else did the same thing.

There’s a way to fix it. And if you’ll just determine to do this one thing, it’ll change every party, every church service, and every convention you attend for the rest of your life.

Ready? Here it is:

Go in big.

Instead of walking into the room worried about what everyone is going to think of you, determine to walk in filled up to the brim with God. While you’re getting ready, tell Him how nervous you are and ask Him to calm those nerves. Ask Him to fill you with His spirit and to guide you to someone who needs your listening ear and your encouraging words. Go in with your eyes on the people around you, looking for the opportunity He’s set up for you to be His ears and voice and hands to some person He desperately wants to convey love to.

I promise: it will change your life. And maybe, just maybe, someone else’s, too.


Here are 31 Days of Encouragement!

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3 Responses to Don’t Be Small

  1. Lovefeasttable says:

    We are firm believers in this!  To not walk in big, is to say to our Creator, “You didn’t do a good job.”  We are perfect just the way we are.  He made us.  He formed us.  Shouldn’t we walk in confidence knowing the Creator knew what He was doing?  Not to mention, being filled with Him…representing Him…gives Him glory and takes away from “me”.  
    Thanks for stopping by our table.  I grew up babysitting a family who had one son when I started and 8 by the time I left for college.  Their family was instrumental in helping me be the mom (to 5) I am today. 

  2. Heather Ashe says:

    Love this, Misty!  I’ve been thinking a lot about and working on this with greeting others after church, being available even when it feels awkward (or I anticipate that it might.)  Tomorrow, I’m going to go in BIG to be a blessing to some one or some couple.  We worship in a university community and there’s always someone new to care for!

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