For My Birthday, a Giveaway! *Updated with Winner*


Hello, dear friends! I’m sitting here this morning, the day after the Relevant conference, at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey, waiting on a shuttle to the airport. I wasn’t planning to do this, and don’t have a way to really get to all my pictures nor all the links I’d like to use since I’m not on my home computer which I wish I was since there I can work comfortably and play video games with the help of sites as Elitist Gaming. However, I’m pretty sure that if I failed to post something this weekend I might get kicked out of the blogosphere, and I *don’t* want to do anything but squeeze my sweet babies tonight when I get home, so it’s gotta be now!

It’s my birthday! Yup, I’m finally 29! Ha! And to celebrate, I have a sweet surprise!

Melissa Matthews has a great website called The Inspired Room. It’s full of do it yourself ideas, magazine inspiration, news about new fab decorating finds, and She *just* put out her first e-book, titled “NOT a DIY Diva.” And I have a copy to give away for free! Woot to the hoo!

Here’s an excerpt from the book’s page linked below …

Is chasing the dream of homemaking and decorating perfection worth sacrificing the life I actually want to live and the impact I want to have on my family and people around me?

How do I decide which plates to spin and how many I can juggle in this season of my life?

Is it possible to create a home I love with less money, less time, and what I already have?

If you too are weary of the unrealistic image of a perfect home and want hope of a balanced yet still beautiful life, we may be kindred spirits.

This book gently challenges you to alter your perspective and state of mind to what it takes to create a beautiful home.


 Great stuff!

You will adore this little book; it’s really got some great thoughts on making the most of what the Lord has given you, and truly getting to the bottom of your own decorating style. SO … please leave me a comment, and I’ll do a drawing for one copy tomorrow night around 8pm! You can read all about it here: NOT a DIYDiva

Look forward to hearing from *you!*

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6 Responses to For My Birthday, a Giveaway! *Updated with Winner*

  1. Cfrancis says:

    HaPpy birthday!! My home and I are so in need of help- I may have to buy the book if I don’t win. Charlene

  2. Armgafamily says:

    Oh Misty, I would love a copy! If I win, I’ll pick it up and maybe we can have tea at the same time. I am very hopeful! He he

  3. Nkespino5 says:

    You’re awesome Mis! I hope u had an amazing time & I wanna wish you the Happiest Birthday ever :) Love you!!!

  4. Cjkizer says:

    Just found your blog…Just what I need at this moment.  I homeschool, love to diy projects…from home decor,  sewing …I love it all:)    But most of all it is like pulling up a chair and sitting and talking .  Encouragement based around God.  Thanks.  Happy Birthday!  

  5. Sheila DelCharco says:

    Sounds just like something I could use! I am quite the plate spinner. Unfortunately I have shards lying about me proving I have too many going at one time.

    Happy birthday!

    • Misty Krasawski says:

      Sheila, I adore you! You’re awesome. And I hear ya about those shards–no fun to step on! Praying for you this morning. Wish I could give a copy to everyone, but (sssshhhh!) they’re really inexpensive anyway! Go grab a little copy for yourself at her website; it’s really a fun and insightful read! :-)

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