All is Grace

Shaun Groves is still messing with my world.

The melodies pour from my kitchen while I clean and cook, and the lyrics awaken me literally every morning since my return from Relevant. Heart-filled music, with lyrics sometimes raw, sometimes simple, always deeply true. Here’s my alarm from this morning … 6:27 am.

All Is Grace by Shaun Groves

You have loved us
You have loved us all
You have loved us all so
We love all ….

Thank you for Christ and cross
Through us tell the wand’ring
Thank you for making peace
Through us love our enemies …..

Thank you for daily bread
Through us fill the empty
Thank you for bodies whole
Through us mend the breaking

All is grace
All is grace
All is grace and grace enough
All is grace
All is grace
All is grace and grace enough
For all of us
- For all of us

This time, I can add a video! Here’s Shaun in the fields with Ann Voskamp, whose writing stirred his pen to write this song.


All Is Grace (With Ann Voskamp) from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

Have a blessed day, friends! All is amazing grace.

This is a perfect wrap-up, I think, for this 31 Days of Encouragement! Find the others by clicking that link. All I can say is, Amen and whew!

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  1. Amy says:

    I hadn’t seen this video before.  Love it!

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