This morning, counting gifts brought a new realization:

Saying “Thank you” acknowledges my debt to the one I thank.

Is that why it’s so hard to say? Is that part of why it’s so good for us to count the gifts God hands to us every day?

Gabriel said to Mary, “Greetings, favored one!” The notes in my Bible say it literally means “Woman richly blessed.” When I count all the gifts God has given me, I have to say that I, too, am a woman richly blessed! The Greek word translated “favored” here is caritoo, and it means:

  • to make graceful
    1. charming, lovely, agreeable
  • to peruse with grace, compass with favour
  • to honour with blessings

How beautiful is that? Lord, today, let me be favored. Make me graceful–charming, lovely and agreeable. Look upon me with grace. Compass me with your favor. And might I even ask to be honored with blessings? Because I know I will be, whether I ask or not. How good You are!

Still counting …


*friends to celebrate birthdays with *blades of green dancing in the breeze *twirly skirts

*cinnamon broom *caramel-smelling candles *fall!

*baby kisses *dense clouds tempting me out for a walk

*perfect oatmeal, juice and coffee from Starbucks at the dawn of a day of travel

*busy twitter feed for Relevant *moms encouraging moms *new books

* writing my own book for kids (maybe?) *hug from a son who has to bend in half to reach

*the Word calling *heartbreaking music, just what I needed *friend modeling contentment in tragedy *kids dancing praise

*present in a pink bag *new book with lines begging to be filled *sleepy kiddos


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  1. Mary Bonner says:

    I love the word calling!  What a great list.  I don’t think we met at Relevant, but I was there too!  I am your neighbor over at Ann’s place.  Have a great week.

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