HSB Awards; Best Homemaking/Recipe Blog Nomination

So … I had a pleasant surprise this morning when a lovely reader said she’d happened upon my blog after reading my name in the list at the HSBAwards page under “Best Homemaking/Recipe Blog.” It was the first I’d heard of it! How fun is that?

The HSBAwards have been around for awhile. Each year I’ve found several lovely new blogs to read, by going through those nominated at their website. You are allowed to nominate yourself … but that’s not quite my thing.

And so, if you wish to vote for me, you can go to this link to do so … scroll down to the list of categories, click on “Best Homemaking/Recipe Blog” and it will take you to the list of nominees, and I of course am Encouraging Hearts at Home. AND make sure to visit the other nominees, and vote for your own favorites! Sally Clarkson is there, and so is Ann Voskamp, Courtney Joseph, Joy Forney and a bunch of other fabulous ladies. Enjoy!

You may cast one vote for each person in your home! An unfair advantage to me, of course! You have to do it from different computers, though. There are definitely NOT 10 computers in this house, haha!  :-)

Click here to Vote on the Homeschool Blog Awards!

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