Thanksgiving Gratefulness; a Review and Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year.
It’s not just because it’s the day of my favorite meal of the year. (Why do I not make a turkey in July, I always wonder?) And it’s not just because the weather is finally about to turn cool for a semi-reasonable amount of time (maybe–last year we were on the beach all Thanksgiving day; it was 85.) And it’s not even just because it signals the beginning of the Christmas season at our house.
It’s really all of those things and more. I love Thanksgiving because I have great memories of being at my Grandma’s house: pulling out the leaves for her table and setting extra plates out; seeing the uncles and aunts and cousins we hadn’t seen for a year; eating too much cherry pie. Currently my house is the place we all gather, and there’s nothing I like better than knowing we don’t quite have enough room at the table … but we’ll find it! I love my days-long-cooking and I don’t even mind the fact that it’s over much too quickly (especially because when the last fork is being set down, I’ve rushed to push play on the first Christmas music of the year!)
Telling each other what we’re grateful for is a powerful conversation starter. Acknowledging all that God’s done for us each year is a beautiful way to spend the day.
This year I’ve made it a habit to write down gifts. I should be hitting my own goal, One Thousand Gifts, just before Turkey Day dawns. Granted, some days I’ve been too busy rushing to pay attention. I’ve missed a few, I’m sure. But I am very grateful that the Lord has opened my eyes to see more of the wonderful things He gives to me day by day.
So … what’s Thanksgiving preparation looking like at your house?
I’ve got a special find I’d like to share with you. This summer when I attended FPEA, I noticed that the pretty Italian restaurant had developed a simple, charming way to make sure a knife/fork/spoon was always at hand … they placed them in a terra cotta pot on each table! When I got home, I bought a cute painted pot on sale at Hobby Lobby, and it’s been on our table ever since.
Well, look what I got from DaySpring?!
Isn’t it great? This wooden caddy could also be used as the base of a creative centerpiece or even to hold office supplies, it could even make the best office cleaners job easier since nothing would get messy. It’s about 6 1/2″ inches square and made of mango wood. The girls unload the silverware from the dishwasher right into it and carry it to the table. And no more trips to the kitchen for a missing fork! This is a well-built, sturdy piece that I’m sure we’ll be using for a long time. And because it’s wooden, it “goes” with everything! This month, they’re offering 50% off the wooden caddy shown above–which was already only $29.99! Just us coupon code table50.
These beautiful hurricanes were on our table at Relevant.
They say “Giving Thanks,” and those are tealights hung with wre from the edges–a fun alternative to big candles.
I’m also drooling over this tray …
Is that not gorgeous??? DaySpring has a whole line of really beautiful accents to grace your home with in every season, but their Thanksgiving line is really great.
Also, they’ve given me a $20 coupon code to give away! Just post a comment about your favorite holiday. I’d love to pass the code along to you! Winners will be drawn by 7pm on Monday night, November 21st.
To see all the beautiful things they have for your table, take a look here: DaySpring Thanksgiving!
Dayspring sent me the wooden caddy in return for this review, but the glowing opinion is all my own.
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8 Responses to Thanksgiving Gratefulness; a Review and Giveaway!

  1. Melissa says:

    Easter is fast becoming my favorite holiday, not that I don’t also love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Easter is so fun for the kids especially, I think! And of course church is always especially wonderful then! Miss you, friend!

  2. Shawne says:

    Really? I have to pick a favorite? Hmmm that’s a really tough one since I love them all. I just love celebrating with family and friends. My favorite “decorating” holiday is probably Thanksgiving – I just love all the fall colors.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love them all, too! Christmas is my favorite, but I certainly adore fall. And I’m glad you love Thanksgiving … because you won the giveaway! Woot! Congrats. I’ll pass the code along to you privately! :-)

  3. Nkespino5 says:

    I’d have to say my favorite holiday would definitely be Christmas. Some reasons are just so simple, but awesome like sweet smells, gathering with everyone I love, & spending several days together as a family without our Daddy having to work!Christmas also became my favorite holday when my husband suprised me with the news that we were expecting our first baby! It’s a memeory that I believe is monumental in my walk as a Christian along with one of the happiest seasons of my life. We had waited for a baby and right before Christmas I felt God say to me “Nothing is too hard for me! Mary had me!” It was such a simple truth, but I realized He could do anything and He was able to allow us to have a baby! Weeks later we were given the Biggest gift any Momma could ever imagine… four healthy heartbeats!! Our Christmas miracle and He gets ALL the praise forever!! Love you Misty and I’m so thankful for all of your writings! They are going to go down in history!

  4. Kei says:

    Our family is all about Christmas. We don’t usually have as much money as we’d like to be able to do things for and with our kids. But we make homemade decorations, drive around looking at lights, and try to build special traditions that don’t require much expense. We are already basically done Christmas gift shopping, are already listening to Christmas music and watching the movies. I have some cute artsy ideas for this year too. It’s just a warm and cozy holiday.

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