How to Make Snow for Your Christmas Tree

This little extra for your Christmas tree is something I discovered years ago after reading about it in a Gooseberry Patch Christmas book. Apparently, it used to be very popular. Well, in my house, it is again. Here it is: Christmas tree snow! It’s very inexpensive, simple to make, and adds a touch of fun to your tree.

Christmas Snow

  • 1 grated bar Ivory Soap
  • 2 cps boiling water
  • clear glitter (optional)

 First, simply grate one bar of soap!

 Place grated soap in a large bowl and pour water over the top.

Whip with a hand mixer on high for five minutes.

 The soap will whip up to about five times the original volume, so be sure you use a very large bowl!

Next, go ahead and apply to the tree! The soap will be hot, so be careful. Just grab a handful …


And “pour” it onto the tree!
Give it a try. The kids will love it!

Happy Christmas-ing!

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