Hearts Glow

This is a repost from last year which touched my heart today …

“Mommy, can you hold me?”


Micah at the lake


I looked up (okay, technically I looked down) from my bowl of half-mixed blueberry pancake batter.  My three year old rubbed his still-sleepy morning eyes against my knee, newly shorn hair sticking up in all different directions, wearing his red Cars top and Christmas-themed green pajama bottoms.  A glance at the time showed 30 minutes ’til time to leave for Bible study, and my tub was half full, bacon ready to put in the oven, seven other children needing breakfast in a few minutes.

But the one who asked me just yesterday, it seems, leaves for college in a few weeks . . .

“Yes, sir, I can!”  I pushed the bowl aside and scooped him up for a snuggle in my glider.

“How was your sleep?”  I asked.

“Good.”  He was quiet, just wanting me close, and to rub my arm for a few minutes to bridge the gap between sleep and awake.

Suddenly, he sat up straight.  “Mommy, my heart glows in the dark.  Wanna come see?”

“Yes, I do!”  I followed him to his room, glancing a smidge regretfully at the neglected breakfast on the counters.

He climbed into his bed, where a still-sleeping brother lay oblivious to the excitement, and patted the spot beside him for me to join him.  Pulling the covers up over our heads, he said, “See!  Isn’t that cool?”  He was pointing to his wrist.  His new heart-shaped silly band bracelet glowed green in the darkness.

I giggled.  “That’s awesome, buddy!  I love it!”

You’ll always have pancake batter to stir, laundry to wash, counters to wipe. The internet will go on without you. The phone, the television, the mall–all of it can wait.

Sometimes, their hearts glow in the dark.

Don’t miss it.

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9 Responses to Hearts Glow

  1. Michi says:

    In the hustle and bustle of this time, Misty, thank you for the reminder of what truly is important in our lives.  Love ya!

  2. Virginia Knowles says:

    I enjoyed this post.  Four of my 10 children are already adults, and two are married.  They do grow up so fast.   My youngest is only 6, so I’ve still got some hugging years in.  Virginia Knowles (www.comewearymoms.blogspot.com)

  3. Tereza says:

    Last night I was up with my almost 2 y.o. (she is my #4 baby) because she had some kind of bug and was throwing up. So I rocked her, comforted her and made her some ginger tea. After changing pjs and bedding 4 times, we finally fell asleep at around 5 am, only to get up at 8 am to take care of the rest of my troop.

    Anyway, I realized last night how differently I treated my DD2 compared to my DD8 when she was a baby. Back then, I didn’t know how precious babies were and how fast they grow. When she was sick I was so frustrated and upset to have my sleep interrupted. Oh, how I regret my feelings and actions!!

    Sometimes I wish someone would have told me, but I guess only going through certain life situations can one really appreciate and value them. So, yes, I have finally learned to stop everything to hug my babies. :)

    thank you for the reminder. :)

    • Poor baby! You’re a trooper. Hope your little one is feeling better! I can so relate to the frustration of interrupted sleep. And after years of it, yes, you do sortof realize you’re being awakened for a worthwhile reason! Thanks for your kind words. Have a great Christmas!

  4. Chelsea says:

    so true…very good..thank you

  5. badgerkb says:

    Thanks for the reminder!

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