‘Twas the Week After Christmas



Twas the week after Christmas, and all through the house

Piles of paper and toy hotspots called out for a douse!

The bathrooms had not been rightly cleaned for four days

And the kitchen was messy, causing dinner delays.

The children were happy playing with their new toys for toddlers

But mama was not, fearing that girls and boys

Had become pretty lazy amongst Christmas treats and joys.

So she picked up some paper, with a pen made a list

Of what would cause chaos to cease and desist!

One day for each room, to declutter and clean

‘Til all would sparkle and shine–this requires some caffeine!

An apron, a broom, and a bucket of tools

A chart for the children to remind them of rules

Of the household–like bedtimes, and bathtimes and such

Laws that make things run smoothly and not so in a rush.

Monday for the bathrooms, Tuesday for the kitchen,

Wednesday for her bedroom–that will be a fun mission!

Thursday in the living room and Friday for the den,

Saturday for the yard and the driveway.  And then

When next week rolls ’round, she can wake with a smile

And not have to hunt for clean clothes in a pile.

A plan now in hand, to the kids she will whistle,

And they’ll hurry to join her–now, that would be blissful!

‘Cause mama knows something the children might not–

That life is more pleasant when we do what we ought.

To our work, then!  With smiles!  With joy and with glee!

Take the house back from messiness, and then we’ll pour tea

And recall Christmas joys, looking round at the sight

Shouting then, “Happy New Year!  And to all a good night!”

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7 Responses to ‘Twas the Week After Christmas

  1. Rob says:

    Very clever darling. You are amazing!

  2. Madison Terwilliger says:

    so cute, love this. i Love ya’ll’s family, yours is my favorite in the universe.

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