Notes from Nicaragua

I thought I’d share with you today a couple of updates we’ve received about my son’s mission trip to Honduras and Nicaragua with Youth With a Mission! Many of you have contributed to his trip and prayed for us; we’re so grateful and covet your continuing prayers! (I swiped these pics from his best friend Alex’s facebook page. :-) He won’t mind; he’s my other son!)

Happy New Year! January 2, 2012

We are officially sending this letter from the year 2012! It has been amazing to celebrate these two holidays in Masaya, Nicaragua.  On New Year’s Eve we went to the local church that is helps the ‘Casa Hogar’ which has been both our home for two weeks and place of 24/7 ministry as we are living examples of Jesus for two young men who receive housing, love, and support instead of an addiction to sniffing glue on the streets and spending halflife on 24/7 addiction treatment.  We have become really fond of these boys, Cesar (20) and Mariano (18) and we are going to really miss them as we leave the house tomorrow morning for our next ministry location.
This week was full of kid’s ministry and PINATAS!  We have been able to minister to over 1200 children while here for 2 weeks.  God has given us clear pictures about the children in this city that will be the next generation to spread hope to not just their own families, but to other cities and even to the nations.  It seemed as though God’s timing really did include our team for this season in Nicaragua.  We also know for sure that any child with a stick and a blindfold is asking for trouble, but have you ever seen an old man with a stick and a pinata?  We visited an elderly home one afternoon, to play music, talk, and break a pinata!  It was a sight to see… me!
With joyful hearts, smiles on our faces, and our lungs full of sulfur from our visit to the active Masaya Volcano and clouds of dynamite explosions from very cheap Nicaraguan fireworks, we move on to our next ministry city.  We will be working with YWAM Nicaragua in Diriamba.  Although we are sad to say goodbye to this time here, we are thrilled to see what God has in store for us with YWAM.  We will be there for a week and a half.
Please keep praying for us in the area of team unity and health.  We have seen God heal dramatically within our team, but many still suffer from random fevers and chronic coughing.  We are believing that God not only has a breakthrough for totally healing for us, but that we will be a bridge to getting his heart and hands out to a desperate city.
Bless you and thank you for your prayers,
Erika, Will, Kevin and the Honduragua Team


And we received this one today …

January 6, 2012
Hello family and friends!

I just want to send you an update from our location right now.  We are in Diriamba, Nicaragua and we are staying at the YWAM base here.  We have had extremely sketchy wifi and internet connections so we just wanted to let you all know that we are alive, healthy, and seeing God move in miraculous ways.  
One man surrendered his knife that he used to rob people on the streets, he accepted Jesus and is on the path for a changed life!  Praise God!
Please keep praying for us.  Our next location is Honduras and with that comes border questions and other travel concerns.  We have less than a week left here and we are already halfway done with outreach!  WOW!
Bless you in the name of Jesus!
Erika & the Honduragua team!

You can follow the team’s updates at, or on twitter @honduragua !

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I can’t imagine how proud you are Misty!  This is is awesome.

    • I am proud! He’s really enjoying his time there. But I also think he’s starting to miss home a bit, too! I’ll be thrilled to have him back. And he’s bringing a couple friends from his team, so that will be fun too!

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