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“People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” ~Matthew 4:4

“The first thing you should start doing as a new Christian is to read your Bible every day.”

“If you need to know what to do, ask God to speak to you through His word to confirm the direction you think you ought to be heading.”

“To get to know God better, read His Word! It’s His love letter to you.”

But what if you couldn’t?

All of my life, it seems, I’ve loved God’s Word. It’s provided direction and comfort, wisdom and rebuke, and most of all a way to know God’s voice and heartbeat. It’s kept me from despair and loneliness because I was able to read the story of His love for me and His promise to protect me when I felt unloved and unprotected. It’s truly been my life.

America is rich in scripture. There are at least ten copies of the Bible in my house alone, in multiple translations. But for 340 million people, reading the Bible is impossible. Why? Because they don’t have God’s word in their language.

I’m not okay with that.

According to the OneVerse website:

There are more people in the world without a single verse of Scripture in their language than the entire population of the United States. In fact, more people live without a complete Bible in their language than without enough food and clean water combined.

      Bible poverty is a big deal.

It’s a justice issue. The truths of Scripture are
foundational for community development, and access to God’s Word empowers people with God’s
perspective and promises on social, economic and gender issues.

The Bible brings life, and for every day that passes, enough people to fill 16 Boeing 747s die without hearing the Gospel in their own language.

So, what’s the solution?

Simple: Translate God’s Word into every language on Earth. We at OneVerse along with many other partner organizations are already deeply involved in this effort. But we can’t do it alone.

At the Relevant conference last fall, I was re-introduced to The Seed Company. Two years ago we’d partnered with them as part of a sponsorship program through Sonlight Curriculum. We “bought” one verse for our family, and one for my husband’s parents as a Christmas gift. Imagine our delight when our verse turned out to be Mark 10:14, which reads in part, “Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” When I read that, I cried. What a beautiful scripture God chose for us to give, especially touching considering our heart for children and the nations!

As sponsors of the Relevant conference, OneVerse had come to see if bloggers would be interested in helping speak for some of the 340 million who can’t read God’s word in their language yet. The answer? YES! Several of us have grouped together now as OneVerse bloggers to support one language: that of the Vidunda people of Africa.

The amazing thing is that only $26 provides the necessary funding to translate one verse of the Bible. Just $26! So being a part of Bible translation is accessible to almost everyone. What a joy!

Watch the video that had most of us mopping up buckets at Relevant. It shows the reaction of a people group hearing the story of Jesus in their own language for the very first time, through The Jesus Film.

And then, please, click on the banner reading “Sponsor Now” above, to sponsor a verse. And come back and let me know about it! Together, we can make a difference for the Vidunda people!


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