Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy On the School?

Today I’m sharing at Heart of the Matter Online! 


It started early this year.

As in, really early. On our first day of Christmas vacation (which was, blessedly, the day before Thanksgiving since we take all of December off), I found myself sighing, “Only five weeks ’til we start again!”

 I tried to keep my great attitude to myself. But now that January has come, we’re all online groaning to one another about how difficult it is to start back to school again. I hate to admit it, but it’s happening at my house, too. There are missing math texts, almost-used-up notebooks and too many of the pencils are broken. Everyone makes a sad face when Monday rolls around.

 Even me.

So, what does that mean? Did we make the wrong schooling choice altogether? Should we choose new curriculum? Do we need a personal schedule on montreal movers? Do we just need to crack the whip a bit more?

 To me, the fact that I’m squealing with delight over a vacation and counting the days ’til it’s over with trepidation and reluctance means I’m doing something wrong. How on earth can I expect my children to enjoy our school year if I’m not enjoying it?

 Oh dear.

 Here’s my guess: My homeschool has become a bit too heavy on the school. And I really need to fix it…

You can read the rest here at HOTM: Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy on the School?

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4 Responses to Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy On the School?

  1. Tracey says:

    Visiting from Heart of the Matter.  I found your post there very thought provoking and hope to do some re-evaluating of our homeschool, too.

    Have a great afternoon!

    • Tracey, I’m glad you found me! It’s definitely a difficult adjustment we need to make sometimes, I think–and so trying sometimes to figure out which direction to go, you know? Ai yi yi. I need Jesus. 😉

  2. Molly says:

    I just had this conversation with my husband!  Glad to know we aren’t the only family going through this!!

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