31 Bag Party Online-Missions Benefit!

I’m getting so excited about our upcoming trip to Costa Rica!

Let me rephrase that: I cannot possibly grasp the fact that I’m taking my daughters on a mission trip to Costa Rica! Yet, people have given, plane tickets have been purchased, and so I am–and now we need to see the rest of the funding come in!

A friend contacted me to make a very sweet offer: she’s donating her own commission on the sale of any products through Thirty-One louis vuitton purses for sale! We thought we’d have an online event, so people could purchase anytime between now and Monday, February 13th. Thirty-One has great stuff. I have my eye on these …

Jewelry Roll, $18


large thermal container $36 this month!


Ruffle tote bag, $25


And of course, there’s plenty more variations where these came from! Many can be personalized or monogrammed. Tons of stuff to help you be more organized … not to mention cute. Which is at least as important as being organized.

And it gets even better: this month, for every $31 you spend, you can take 31% off!

If you’d like to take a look, you can go to this page: Thirty One Party!

Click on “my events” on the right hand side. Next, find “Misty Krasawski Costa Rica Fundraiser,” and click “shop now” next to it, and “shop now” at the bottom of that page. And then, find a zillion things you love and buy them all. Please. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

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