Wrestling with Jacob: James 1:2

I’m still wrestling with Jacob. Since I’d done so much research, it seemed silly to keep it all in my notebook for just me. I thought I’d go ahead and record a video blog (vlog!) for you today! Here’s what I’ve learned so far. And I encourage you to jump in yourself in the comments … what have *you*  learned from James?



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6 Responses to Wrestling with Jacob: James 1:2

  1. Lauren Clemons says:

    Um. Dang.

  2. This was great, Misty! I have been reading James and 1 Peter again and again lately. I like how you explained what he means by “Consider” and about leading our emotions. 

  3. Legg653400 says:

    Thnks Misty. Your Vlogs are an inspiration. Your blog is too of course. I need to get a Strong’s concordance. I love words and their deeper meanings. I have 3 precious kiddoes at home and the are passing around a lovely cough, so not getting enough sleep at night would be my “consider” right now. I am considering this trial, this “cup” and I am being thankful today because of your encouragement.

    • Bless you, sweetheart! I’m glad you like them. I actually enjoy doing them and am thinking about trying to get one up each week; of course, I need to do some work on my lighting and sound! Anyway, I do pray your littles feel better soon!

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