Cinderella … When the Clock Strikes Midnight (link!)

I just had to share with you this wonderful series by my friend, Chelsea Terwilliger, who’s also talking with us at Titus2University. Chelsea is a multi-talented mom who’s found a new talent in writing, and I just adore her heart and knew you’d love this series, and would want to pass it along too! Giving you (with her permission) a glimpse into the third post in the series on Cinderella …

… the fairy godmother really was onto something when she told Cinderella to be home before the clock strikes midnight.  For the fairy godmother knew in that moment that all the enchanting magic would suddenly disappear. The majestic stage coach would turn back into a pumpkin big enough to make more pumpkin pies than uncle Billy Bob could eat in 10 Thanksgivings.  Imagine, a dress so beautiful even Princess Kate would be green with envy, suddenly transforming into that of a peasant girls’ uniform.  Every magical detail would fade away into the darkness of the night…the later it grew, the more dangerous the situation became.

You know that phrase, “Nothing good happens after midnight?”  It’s pretty much true isn’t it?  I can’t think of very many scenarios that midnight is a good call time for.  I think of the fairy godmother as Cinderella’s mentor if you will.  She loved Cinderella and wanted the best for her.  When she gave this advice to be in by the time the clock strikes 12, do you think it was to punish her?  To cage her in?  To ruin her life?  Oh no!  Quite the opposite indeed.  All the instruction the wise old woman gave, was in Cinderella’s best interests.  Her protection.  Her betterment.  To enlarge her life, not shrink it.  To set her up to win!

Hey guys and gals, you and I both know deep down that Cinderella and Prince Charming hanging out together at that ball a little too long was gonna make them a little too tired, which would lead to them becoming a little too emotional, which would result in them feeling a little too weak in the self-control department and next thing you know they would be heading up to one of those rooms upstairs where it was “a little more quiet.”  Maybe it wouldn’t have been all the way up to one of the bedrooms.  Maybe just a loonnggg talk in the back of his royal stage coach that night.  Or maybe just a very up close and personal conversation in the back gardens of the castle.  In the dark.  Alone.  Wait!  What’s that sound?  The first clock strike.  “Oh, but she’s the one for me…I just know God told me to marry her so this is okay.”  The clock strikes again.  “But he told me he loves me and respects me and because of that, I trust his motive in this moment.”  The clock strikes again, every strike louder than before.  “No one will ever know.  This is a secret we can keep.  Besides, my marriage is on the rocks and I need to feel loved and appreciated for once.”  Dong!  Dong!  Dong!  Was it really just a clock striking?  No, it was the sound of the Holy Spirit saying….YOU BETTER GET OUTTA THERE QUICK!  

Great stuff, right? You can catch the beginning (plus the rest) of the series at Chelsea’s blog, A Woman That Wins.

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