Let’s Finish Well!

Today, I’m sharing at Heart of the Matter Online! You can read the entire article there: Let’s Finish Well! Here’s the first half …

“You know it’s coming.

February is nearly over. Which means March, April and May are nearly here. Which means the end of the school year is nearly here.

Don’t feel bad for being excited about that, by the way. You had years of practice anticipating the end of every school year while you were *in* school … before you became the teacher/lunch lady/bus driver/guidance counselor/librarian/janitor/principal/curriculum specialist.

Your kids are getting itchy, too. And so are the curriculum companies. Which means that your mailbox will soon begin to bulge with the latest and greatest in old and new products designed to make next year your best year ever.

They promise.

Can I ask you to do the impossible, dear mom?

This year, when the new catalogs arrive, glance at the cover longingly. Say a prayer that you can find them later. Because then, I think you should do a radical thing: put them away …”

You want to read the rest, right? Check it out here at Heart of the Matter!

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  1. I was doing the mental count-down just this morning…heading over to read the rest :)

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