For the Ones Who have Waited Too Long

God created women to mother.

Whether you’ve been blessed with children of your own or not, God created you as He did every woman– with a unique capacity and gifting to bring life to the world around you.

Could I ask a favor of you right now?

Could you check your own heart and see if perhaps–if just maybe– there is room in your heart for one more? Not one more of your own; not one more to hug and kiss or wash and serve in person every day. But one perhaps far away? One who has been waiting for you for a long time … but whom you have never seen?

I’m truly praying your answer will be “yes.”

Did you ever have one of those gym teachers who’d never received the memo about *not* letting kids pick teams for a game? Can you remember how it felt, to stand on the side of a field, waiting while everyone else was chosen … everyone but you?

I do. And so does Carla, who is five, from Colombia. She’s been waiting for a sponsor for 185 days. Daud, from Indonesia, has waited that long, too–and so has seven-year old Antonio from Brasil. And when I look at their pictures–you can see for yourself at this link: 

–that’s what I see … faces of children waiting on the sidelines for someone to PICK THEM.

Could it be you? Could you be the one who will choose them out of a sea of faces, and commit to sending in your monthly sponsorship of only $38 to provide Bible training and encouragement, health care, and education for him? Could you be the one whose picture will become a treasured keepsake to her? Could Jesus write encouraging words to one of these sweet children through you–could you be the one called to change his or her life?

Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.

I think you owe it to both of you to search your heart … and then search these pages. These are the listings of children who have been waiting for a sponsor for over six months.

Ask the Lord, would you please? Maybe the truth is that you need another child just as much as they need you.

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