The Falling

It’s been interesting, studying James.

He rang in my heart, all the way to Costa Rica.

His words about trials and perseverance, about faith without works being dead, about remembering the poor … bells.

It’s springtime, planting time here. I must remember to call and order compost and take the girls with me to choose packets of seed. We’ll find envelopes with peas and beans and cucumber, strawberries and cantaloupe and green onions, pansies and snapdragon and gladiolas, all posing in vibrant green on the packet fronts, declaring what’s inside.


And when we tear them open, what’s inside won’t look a thing like the display.

I feel a little like that myself, lately. I wrote about it, about the falling, at Sisters in Bloom today. Just click the link to join me.

Happy Spring!

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