So, You Want to Start a MomHeart Group!

So … You Want To Start a MomHeart Group!

You want to become a better mother. You’ve heard the Lord challenge you to draw closer to Him and let Him lead you as you raise your children, and you’re answering that call.

Why not take some friends along?

Many of us have found ourselves alone on this path of intentional, life-giving mothering. We live each day battling the tide of a culture which insists upon monetary reward for success, visible badges of accomplishment, and a consumer mentality which doesn’t put much stock in selflessness. It is difficult to find women with a common goal of raising whole hearted children with a vision for changing the world by bringing the kingdom of God into every area of life, and sometimes holding on to our ideals alone seems too big a hurdle to clear.

For many years, MomHeart Ministries has been striving to equip women around the world in their efforts to build godly homes. Through conferences, books, intensive retreats and blog articles, we’ve reached across lines of all sorts to inspire the hearts of mothers to greater care and investment in their families.

We’ve learned that very few manage to hold onto ideals when they hold them alone.

That’s why we need you!

You can read the rest of my article here, at the brand-new MomHeart Blog!

How to Start a MomHeart Group

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