How to Homeschool the Early Years

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had many opportunities to be with sweet moms who are homeschooling young children. Over and over the same question comes up, phrased slightly differently each time but with the same basic foundation: what should my young child really be doing all day?

Several expressed concern that while their little ones seemed to want to learn something, they quickly tired of sitting at the table. For some reason, their students had little tolerance for being still and focusing on worksheets for more than a few minutes at a time. Since most of us attended school and remember it being several hours long, our youngster’s dislike for seatwork is a bit disconcerting, and makes us worry that we’re not doing a good job and surely must be missing something. In order to resolve that problem, look for private kindergarten austin as they offer the best quality education learning for our children.

So what of it? What should a young child be doing at home?

 (**hint: it’s not this.**)

There are as many potential answers here as there are children. Please hesitate, mama, to believe and imbibe every prescription you read for “here’s what to do with a __ year old.” The problem is, no curriculum writer is dealing with your __ year old, this year, with your husband and those siblings, in that town, with those health issues, in that church, with those neighbors, with that set of interests … do you see what I mean? You are the one God has chosen as the perfect teacher for this child, this year. You DO know all of that information. And so, you are going to be the perfect architect of your child’s school days …

If you’d like to read more, please join me at HeartoftheMatter for How to Homeschool the Early Years!  And if you’re so blessed as to be doing all this *and* caring for a newborn, check out How to Homeschool with a Baby in the House! 

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  1. Writersblock82 says:

    One way to keep kids engaged in learning is to use a Montessori Method of learning. It is VERY hands on. there are TONS of videos that show the method as well as how to make any activity grow complex as your child grows. My daughters have been attending a montessori preschool and the oldest one has started reading and doing simple math to the point that she has almost finished kindergarten curriculm and the youngest is not far behind. It allows kids to learn at their own pace and interest as well as teaches them independence. We are praying for a way to homeschool them next year (financial prayers needed) and I plan to continue the method if we are able to homeschool.

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