Spring: a Perfect Time to Re-evaluate!

True confessions: I have to admit that I’ve not slowed down any, even though I’ve known for awhile that I need to. This morning a friend was upset about something and sent me a Facebook message, and all I could do was give a quick answer; not what she really needed at all. She was a dear enough friend to call me on it and say, “Hey, I need your support here and I’m not getting it!” Praise God for friends like that, by the way. I was able to take a breath, ask the Lord for wisdom, call her on the phone and start over.

The truth is, I’m still running at the speed of light, spinning plates as I go. It would be comical, I suppose, if I had the energy to laugh, which I don’t. Between schooling, writing, managing, designing, cooking, laundry, Latin, tutoring, emailing, counseling, hospitality-ing, and helping … I feel like all I’ve done is open veins for the past several weeks and am pretty drained right now, I’m even thinking on getting supplements for this I found at this patriot power greens review. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness and that He’s speaking to me through His Word or I’d be in big trouble. For now, it’s just little trouble. I think.

But I’m smart enough to know this pace can’t (and shouldn’t) be maintained. A car driven at high speed for a long time on winding roads with breakneck curves through a desert needs some serious TLC once in awhile. Stress isn’t always a bad thing. But it is often a signal to us that something’s out of whack in our lives. The world seems desperate to convince us that we are supposed to be living these lives of constant action, constant production, constant consumption. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Many years ago I was attending one of Sally Clarkson’s conferences and she made a suggestion I’ve taken to heart several times since then. Now … it works.

The idea? Every six months, it’s a good idea to take a look at your life, and see what adjustments are necessary.

Here are the questions she gave us:

1) What am I doing that is causing stress in my family?

2) What am I doing to please others that doesn’t propel my own life plan for myself and my family?

3) What character issues do my children need to work on?

4) What image of God do I want my children to have?  Since they are deeply interrelated, what image of God am I projecting to my children?

5) What should I change?

Many, many things to ponder even with just a cursory glance at this list. How grateful I am for wise women who have gone before and remind us to slow down and take a look under the hood once in awhile.

What do you think? Is a springtime evaluation in order at your house, too? What changes might need to be made?

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One Response to Spring: a Perfect Time to Re-evaluate!

  1. Kali says:

    We really are so prone to trying to squeeze in more than could ever possibly fit in a twenty-four hour day.  Having a habit of regularly re-evaluating is a really good idea.

    Thanks for sharing that set of questions you got from Sally Clarkson.  It’s always so helpful to have some sort of outline to help sort out and really clarify things.  I guess I should try out answering them sometime soon!

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