Goodbye, Blog!

This is to be my last post here at Encouraging Hearts at Home.

Tomorrow, I will have a new home on the web … Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood! Please join me there; we are going to be having all kinds of fun giveaways this week; a set of my favorite things–chocolate, books, flowers and tea! While the name and some organizational things will change, this blog will still have the same goal: to share my heart and what I’m learning as I walk along this journey toward the heart of God with you–and my family! I pray you’ve been blessed here and that you’ll join me at Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood!


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4 Responses to Goodbye, Blog!

  1. Kali says:

    What fun to be setting up a new site!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like :-)

  2. Chelsea says:

    Love the look of the new site…super cute!

  3. Heading over to check out your new spot :)

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