Cinderella … When the Clock Strikes Midnight (link!)

I just had to share with you this wonderful series by my friend, Chelsea Terwilliger, who’s also talking with us at Titus2University. Chelsea is a multi-talented mom who’s found a new talent in writing, and I just adore her heart and knew you’d love this series, and would want to pass it along too! Giving you (with her permission) a glimpse into the third post in the series on Cinderella …

… the fairy godmother really was onto something when she told Cinderella to be home before the clock strikes midnight.  For the fairy godmother knew in that moment that all the enchanting magic would suddenly disappear. The majestic stage coach would turn back into a pumpkin big enough to make more pumpkin pies than uncle Billy Bob could eat in 10 Thanksgivings.  Imagine, a dress so beautiful even Princess Kate would be green with envy, suddenly transforming into that of a peasant girls’ uniform.  Every magical detail would fade away into the darkness of the night…the later it grew, the more dangerous the situation became.

You know that phrase, “Nothing good happens after midnight?”  It’s pretty much true isn’t it?  I can’t think of very many scenarios that midnight is a good call time for.  I think of the fairy godmother as Cinderella’s mentor if you will.  She loved Cinderella and wanted the best for her.  When she gave this advice to be in by the time the clock strikes 12, do you think it was to punish her?  To cage her in?  To ruin her life?  Oh no!  Quite the opposite indeed.  All the instruction the wise old woman gave, was in Cinderella’s best interests.  Her protection.  Her betterment.  To enlarge her life, not shrink it.  To set her up to win!

Hey guys and gals, you and I both know deep down that Cinderella and Prince Charming hanging out together at that ball a little too long was gonna make them a little too tired, which would lead to them becoming a little too emotional, which would result in them feeling a little too weak in the self-control department and next thing you know they would be heading up to one of those rooms upstairs where it was “a little more quiet.”  Maybe it wouldn’t have been all the way up to one of the bedrooms.  Maybe just a loonnggg talk in the back of his royal stage coach that night.  Or maybe just a very up close and personal conversation in the back gardens of the castle.  In the dark.  Alone.  Wait!  What’s that sound?  The first clock strike.  “Oh, but she’s the one for me…I just know God told me to marry her so this is okay.”  The clock strikes again.  “But he told me he loves me and respects me and because of that, I trust his motive in this moment.”  The clock strikes again, every strike louder than before.  “No one will ever know.  This is a secret we can keep.  Besides, my marriage is on the rocks and I need to feel loved and appreciated for once.”  Dong!  Dong!  Dong!  Was it really just a clock striking?  No, it was the sound of the Holy Spirit saying….YOU BETTER GET OUTTA THERE QUICK!  

Great stuff, right? You can catch the beginning (plus the rest) of the series at Chelsea’s blog, A Woman That Wins.

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James 1:2, part two

Here’s another vlog about my Bible study on James 1: “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials …”  Hope you enjoy it. I just had so many notes, it didn’t make sense to keep them to myself–and I thought a video would be fun!


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Easy oatmeal waffles!


Just made these up this morning! They turned out great.  My kids love waffles and I like to cook something for them in the mornings, but I really wanted something with more heft and protein so we weren’t starving our brains and wanting more organic bread by 11 am!  Feel free to tweak these however you like; they seem pretty resilient and were gobbled up this morning at my house with real maple syrup. . . and a little powdered sugar, of course (it’s “snow” at my house!)


Oatmeal Waffles the Quick Way

Combine in bowl:  2 cps Bisquick, 1 cp oatmeal, 2 eggs, 2 cps milk, 6 tbs. melted butter,  1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 Tb brown sugar

Pour 1/4 cp batter onto each sqare of your greased/sprayed waffle maker and wait about 3 mins or until steam slows down! 

Top with anything you want–my kids like peanut butter (they learned that from their babysitter!) and strawberries are a big hit, too (but not WITH the peanut butter. Wait … that might actually be good! If you try it, let me know!)

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My Bible Stack … and the Vidunda’s

In my house, there are many, many copies of God’s word.

My Bible stack

We have children’s Bibles and Preschooler’s Bibles, Bibles especially for study and Bibles designed for devotional times. This is really only a representative stack, as my husband’s main Bible is in the truck, several others are hidden away in children’s rooms, one is an interactive, media-driven type installed on my computer, and both of our phones *and* tablets have multiple copies of the Word available on them at the push of a button.

I don’t know any other life.

But right now, 340 million people are without the Word of God in a language accessible to them.

And I’m not okay with that.

There is something you can do; something we all *can* do. For $26 a month, you can sponsor the translation of a verse of scripture. The OneVerse Bloggers are partnering together and with OneVerse in raising awareness of Bible poverty, that’s why centers as the Ethnos360 Bible Institute are getting more and more popular. We are writing today, encouraging you to join us in a monthly sponsorship to get God’s word into the hands of the Vidunda people of East Africa in their very own language–for the very first time. From the OneVerse blog …

A Vindundan's Bible stack


The Vidunda people’s ancestral land lies in the foothills between two mountains of Tanzania. On the north, Mikumi National Park borders their homeland. In the past, sugar planters gradually usurped the plains, forcing the Vidunda people into the mountains. During WWII, enemy soldiers massacred large numbers of Vidunda speakers who were hiding in a cave. In recent years, government officials have forbidden farming on top of the mountain. This history of exploitation and abuse has made the Vidunda people very wary of outsiders.

In this language group, more than 60 percent affiliate with Christianity. However, most still fear witchcraft and engage in many kinds of animistic rituals along with their non-believing neighbors. Many Christians still hang amulets on their children to protect them from evil spirits and curses. Because they’ve been hearing Scripture in a language foreign to them, most Vidunda people have little idea what it actually teaches.

The majority of Vidunda speakers still live in fear of spirits rather than experiencing the redemption and freedom they could know in Christ. Non-Christians can’t see much victory or joy in the lives of believers. The Scriptures in their mother tongue will offer believers tools for deliverance from the bondage of fear. It will also support personal spiritual growth and provide a solid foundation from which to reach out to others. 

You can read more about the project and find a donation button here: The Vidundas. Please consider being part of this movement to bring the Word to a group hungry to know God’s truth. We all talk about wanting to make a difference. Today, we could do it.

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Discount Code, Review and Giveaway: My Husband Rocks! by Union 28

I’ve had a t-shirt for several years which gets comments every time I wear it. It reads simply, “My Husband Rocks.”

As you can well imagine, it’s my husband’s favorite shirt.

I wear it on happy days. And I wear it on days in which I need the reminder. Across my chest. Where it might sink in.


And now, the awesome folks at Union 28 have offered you a great deal: a discount! Use the discount code listed here  and you’ll receive 15% off anything you’d like to order. And look at all the cute stuff they have …









 These are just a few examples. You’ll find more at their website: Union28 !

IN ADDITION: I have a $25 gift certificate for one lucky winner! Woot! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment before Saturday, Feb. 11th at 9 pm telling everyone why your husband rocks. Easy peasy.

The t-shirt I have is extremely comfortable and well-made. I probably should have gone with the fitted cut, as the ladies cut is pretty boxy and runs a bit large.

How can you go wrong with a shirt that declares your husband’s awesomeness? It’s the perfect gift to get yourself, for him, for Valentine’s Day. (Psssst … they have some that read “My Wife Rocks,” too. I think your husband needs one!) So enter the giveaway. And order some shirts!

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Wrestling with Jacob: James 1:2

I’m still wrestling with Jacob. Since I’d done so much research, it seemed silly to keep it all in my notebook for just me. I thought I’d go ahead and record a video blog (vlog!) for you today! Here’s what I’ve learned so far. And I encourage you to jump in yourself in the comments … what have *you*  learned from James?



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31 Bag Party Online-Missions Benefit!

I’m getting so excited about our upcoming trip to Costa Rica!

Let me rephrase that: I cannot possibly grasp the fact that I’m taking my daughters on a mission trip to Costa Rica! Yet, people have given, plane tickets have been purchased, and so I am–and now we need to see the rest of the funding come in!

A friend contacted me to make a very sweet offer: she’s donating her own commission on the sale of any products through Thirty-One louis vuitton purses for sale! We thought we’d have an online event, so people could purchase anytime between now and Monday, February 13th. Thirty-One has great stuff. I have my eye on these …

Jewelry Roll, $18


large thermal container $36 this month!


Ruffle tote bag, $25


And of course, there’s plenty more variations because in Your Diamond Teacher – Diamond Rings Education, it is where your rings can be personalized or monogrammed. Tons of stuff to help you be more organized … not to mention cute. Which is at least as important as being organized.

And it gets even better: this month, for every $31 you spend, you can take 31% off!

If you’d like to take a look, you can go to this page: Thirty One Party!

Click on “my events” on the right hand side. Next, find “Misty Krasawski Costa Rica Fundraiser,” and click “shop now” next to it, and “shop now” at the bottom of that page. And then, find a zillion things you love and buy them all. Please. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

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Wrestling with Jacob; James 1:2-4

This week, I’ve been wrestling with Jacob.

Jakobus, to be precise. Or James, if you want a better idea of whom I’m talking about.

Our church is doing Beth Moore’s study on the book of James. One of the first things she explained was that James, the half-brother of Jesus, would have actually been named Jakobus. “James” is an English-ized version of the Hebrew here. Jacob, of course, is the patriarch of the Twelve Tribes … of Israel, which became *his* new name after God got ahold of him.

So anyway, there I was, having finished the first week’s homework the previous day, when a friend texted me late Saturday to say, “I went ahead in the homework, and boy are you going to love it! DON’T LOOK!”

Well, it was 11:30 at night but the amazing thing is, I didn’t look. Week two, day one’s homework wasn’t supposed to be done until Tuesday.

I’m kindof a rule follower like that.

I just lay there ’til I remembered what came next. Which didn’t take long.

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,  knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.~James 1:2-4

   “Seriously?” I said to the Lord, eyes wide open. “Is this where we’re going? AGAIN?”

Those verses are some of the most familiar to me in all the word. Written next to them in my Bible are the words, “1990 God’s words for me, from Carolyn.”

Leave it to a mother-in-law to have given me a message from the Lord that’s still resounding 22 years later.

She’d spent a weekend in prayer for the family. At the time, I wasn’t even technically part of it. But there were several of us whom God had sortof grafted in. I was 20 years old (don’t do the math, it’s complicated) and Rob and I had just started dating. That weekend, God had given her scriptures for everyone in the family, and He’d paired verses with couples together (slightly bizarre, but true) and they were spot on.

Go back and look at mine again, would you? And now, think: how many of you, at twenty, would like to have been given those as your special scriptures? I mean, seriously?

Let me tell you something: you’d like it even less if you had any idea how long they’d be ringing through your life.

As I lay there in bed that night, suddenly not tired anymore, I also knew why I’d had such guarded anticipation for this study. During the video session I’d felt this warning in my spirit: something big was about to happen, and honestly, I felt headed for the woodshed. The funny thing is, I was glad of it.

When you’ve walked with God for a long time, sometimes you hit seasons where you feel like you aren’t doing much changing. That’s the way I’ve been feeling for far too long. Change is in order; needed, necessary.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.  ~Anatole France

And so it began that night, even though it wasn’t yet Tuesday. The words were already on my heart.

So were the trials. This, this month/week/day/season is the most difficult of all my life. Relationally, financially, practically–it’s all incredibly … trial-ish. My stress level is so high that if someone pours a glass of (anything) in another room, the noise makes me want to scream.

It’s really bad.

So I knew this scripture was demanding all my attention. “All right. Why?” I asked. “Why, Lord; why is difficulty the defining tone of my life? Why does it seem we go around these same mountains, these exact same struggles, over and over and over?”

I wasn’t expecting to hear much. But all of a sudden I had this whole word picture/thought in my head, and I knew the answer to my question.

Have you ever had a child run to you, having had a wipeout of some sort, and their knees bleed testimony of the fall? They wail and cry, and you investigate and frown. The scrapes are dirty, and there are bits of gravel in deep. You hold the child and wipe tears and give them a popsicle. And then you have to clean out the wound.

And they don’t get it. Why are you hurting them more than they already hurt? When the tiny rocks are really deep you wield tweezers and pry and sweep until every little bit has been removed. Have you ever quit before you were finished?

As the child wails on your lap, flinches at every piece, hasn’t your heart broken and haven’t you sometimes patted the child on the head, put the tweezers down, and taken a break to allow time for them to calm down a bit before they lost it completely? Haven’t you sometimes pulled away from the healing because the child could only see the hurt, and you could only feel the child’s pain?

That’s how God showed me He’s felt.

He’s bent over my life, trying to get at something ground down deep inside that causes me pain. He’s allowed trial and difficulty, His tools, to cut and dig.

And I have cried.

And He has looked on my heart and kept my tears in a bottle and listened to my wails and He has stopped the work.

Before He was finished.

Before I was free.

Because His heart is pained when I hurt, and He couldn’t watch me cry and writhe any longer.

And now I hear an invitation that both frightens and excites me.

It goes something like this: If I will learn, this time, to truly consider it all joy … if I can hold still, and not cry (quite so loudly, anyway) … if I can trust Him because I know His heart and I believe He is faithful and I am looking far enough ahead to believe that He is working for good … if I will “let endurance have its perfect work …” He will finish the job this time. And I will be more mature, and more complete, and I will lack nothing.

I’m trying to say yes.



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Because You Only Have So Long to Push

Last week, the weather was beautiful.

I enjoyed it Friday afternoon with my two youngest sons, who had lured me out with promises of amazing scooter tricks in the driveway. After several daring feats of bravery (my two year old is amazing on the thing, I tell you!) involving speedy races and kick flips, the scooters lost their charm and the backyard swingset began to look more enticing. “Push us, mama! Push us!” they both cried, racing each other through the gate and launching themselves onto swings.

“Who can go higher?” I teased. “Me!” “No, me!” they argued, as I pushed first one, then the other. They were cackling, they were laughing so hard. So was I, of course. I grabbed my phone to sneak a quick picture, which of course took fifteen tries because, well, they were swinging in and out of focus. Finally, I caught this one …

And time stood still.

It seems I just took this one yesterday …


And the boys in *that* photo, looking so like the ones on today’s swing, are fifteen years older, and grown and gone.

I put my phone and the proof away, and pushed …

Because right now, I can.

The younger one needs every bit of energy I put into each push, exhilerating in the height and the wind in his face but unable to harness the force for his own use, yet. Already, my four year old swings legs back and forth, back and forth, impatiently urging himself on with the impetus of my first launch. But the baby’s time, too, will come. He will join the ones who have  gone before, swinging higher, further than I can propel him, swinging so fast and high I can do naught but get out of his way.

But today, I can push.

    Visit Courtney’s blog for a slew of great linked-up posts every Wednesday!

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Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy On the School?

Today I’m sharing at Heart of the Matter Online! 


It started early this year.

As in, really early. On our first day of Christmas vacation (which was, blessedly, the day before Thanksgiving since we take all of December off), I found myself sighing, “Only five weeks ’til we start again!”

 I tried to keep my great attitude to myself. But now that January has come, we’re all online groaning to one another about how difficult it is to start back to school again. I hate to admit it, but it’s happening at my house, too. There are missing math texts, almost-used-up notebooks and too many of the pencils are broken. Everyone makes a sad face when Monday rolls around.

 Even me.

So, what does that mean? Did we make the wrong schooling choice altogether? Should we choose new curriculum? Do we need a personal schedule on montreal movers? Do we just need to crack the whip a bit more?

 To me, the fact that I’m squealing with delight over a vacation and counting the days ’til it’s over with trepidation and reluctance means I’m doing something wrong. How on earth can I expect my children to enjoy our school year if I’m not enjoying it?

 Oh dear.

 Here’s my guess: My homeschool has become a bit too heavy on the school. And I really need to fix it…

You can read the rest here at HOTM: Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy on the School?

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