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If you’re a Christian woman, you’ve heard about Titus 2.

Probably more than once.

While not quite as annoying as Proverbs 31 as far as the intimidation level goes, most of us know that Titus 2 contains a list of things we’re supposed to be doing. But we might not really know what exactly is on that list. Plus we all already have plenty of to-do lists, thankyouverymuch.

I think that’s a problem. I hear from lots of moms who say they need some encouragement in their day to day lives. We’re all busy, and it’s hard to find time even for a phone call most days! Some of you because of your location or life situation find it difficult, if not impossible, to make connections with godly women who could help you along your way.

Well, what if we could learn together, online?

It’s possible! My prayer is that this can be a tool the Lord will use to draw us all closer to Him and to our families as we endeavor to be the wives, mothers, and friends He’s called us to be.

So … I’ve been planning and writing and making calls and plotting some more. And I have come up with what I think is going to be a very fun idea: a Titus 2 University, if you will!

This special members-only series:

Titus 2 University

is here now!


  Since there are seven specific areas mentioned here, this will be a nine month “university.” We’ll begin with a general overview of these topics and talk about what it means to be a woman who follows the Lord. Then for the next seven months, we’ll focus on each subject above in turn …

  • loving our husbands with Cindy Rushton of Mom to Mom Radio Show and the Ultimate Home School Expo

  • loving our children with Sally Clarkson , founder of MomHeart Ministries and author of Ministry of Motherhood and so many other wonderful books!

  • being sensible with MoneySavingMom Crystal Paine, author of the Money Saving Mom’s Budget

  • being pure with Chelsea Terwilliger,   multitalented mama, creative director at our church, and author of a brand-new blog

  • working at home with SarahMae, author of 31 Days to Clean

  • being kind with Emily Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl

  • being subject to our own husbands with Joy Forney, missionary wife and mom, blogging at GraceFullMama. 

And then we’ll take a week to wrap it up, for a total of nine months of “classes.”

Each week you’ll receive a new goody: a download you can print out including an overview of the month’s study, a suggested book to read and questions, practical challenges, and personal pages for you to work through; one audio session teaching/Bible study on that month’s topic by me; one or more recorded interviews with special guests; and another downloadable checklist, guide, interview, e-book, or printable pages of some sort. (I have a feeling my guests might also offer some sweet goodies for you!)

You will also be able to submit specific questions you’d like help with, so we can come alongside you in your walk as a mom! And we’ll be praying for each of you as you join the group!

My interview list also includes Mrs. Debbie Austin, my fabulous pastor’s wife: Meet Miss Debbie!; Kristen Kill, my dear friend from MomHeart, who mothers four young ones in the heart of New York City and blogs at Hope With Feathers; Christin Slade, who blogs at Joyful Mothering;  the founder of a fun new site for moms called  The Better Mom, Ruth Schwenk; and Amy Bayliss, web guru extraordinaire, cofounder of DIYMinistry and blogger at Cajun Joy de Vivre. The list is literally growing by the moment at this point! So one thing’s for sure: we’re going to have a great time! I’m expecting to add other fun monthly guests as we go along.

Ready to join? You can take part by signing up using one of the buttons below! When you subscribe, you have two choices: You can sign up for a subscription which will automatically charge your card each month, or you can save some money if you’d like to pay it all at once. Whichever membership you choose will set you up to automatically receive four emails per month, giving you access to the newest available item, as well as a page where you can discuss what you’re learning through the comments section!

More good news: You can join anytime! The membership will start you right at the beginning. One thing to keep in mind: because of the limitations of this technology, if you quit your subscription and then rejoin, you’ll go back to lesson one–there’s no way to figure out where you left off. So stick with us! We’re going to learn a ton!

Click Here to Set up a Monthly Subscription, at only $8.95 per month for 9 months!


OR save some money! Click Here To Make a One Time Payment of only $65.00 for the entire 9 month session!

 When you purchase your subscription, you’ll be taken to a welcome page which will ask you to confirm your registration and set you up to receive each week’s study as it becomes available. I can’t wait to get started! *If you have any issues signing up, contact me at this address: Misty at encouragingheartsathome dot com.

Please join us as we dive into the truths of Titus 2 and learn from one another! And invite someone else to join us, too!


41 Responses to REGISTER HERE! Titus 2 University

  1. Meredith says:

    Wow. This is amazing.
    My heart is just… drawn to the idea.
    I will be praying.

  2. Broomlovetosing says:

    Do I have to be married to join?

    • Misty Krasawski says:

      I don’t think you’d have to be! 😉 As long as you’re interested in these topics, I pray it will be worth your time!

  3. Sherry French says:

    Sure can’t wait just signed up

  4. Sherry French says:

    Sorry one more comment..when I signed up it didn’t give me a welcome window.

  5. Awesome line-up Misty!  This looks great! 😉

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  7. Becky Lee says:

    This sounds like a great lesson!! Sure wish I was able to join,  but money is tight right now :( Maybe next time. Have fun and God bless you!  

  8. How come no one is answering questions here. I have tons. First, will this be only ONCE a month? I will get an email only one time a month? Is there a forum, chat, etc where everyone could hook up? Thanks

    • Oh dear! Well, I’m educating, feeding and cleaning for eight children today, or I’d be answering each lovely question as it came in. As it is, I’ll have to get to them periodically! So sorry you had to wait! I will need your grace, please? The first email with your download link has just gone out. Thank you for making me aware that I need to change the page so it’s a little more obvious–I believe I cut out a bit of explanation inadvertently as I edited yesterday! You will receive a weekly email with the newest download, for a total of four per month. And I plan to create a discussion page soon and will pass along a link for that as soon as possible! Bless you!

  9. Scarlett2rhett says:

    If our marriage is 25 years+ and failing…would this be relevant or is this for new wives?

  10. Mallory says:

    Hello! I would love to join…however my sweet Hubs (of 1.5 years) & I do not have children yet…would I still benefit? I love the idea of an online study group with other christian women. Your thoughts?

    • Sarah Mae says:

      Mallory, absolutely you would benefit! This isn’t just for women with children, and if you do plan on having children, you’ll be ahead of the game-I sure wish I would have been! 

    • Hi, Mallory! I absolutely believe you would benefit. Honestly, thinking through some of these issues *before* you’re in the trenches is definitely the way to go. I think the fact that I’d been a nanny and preschool teacher before I ever had children of my own definitely helped me. Mostly to learn what I *didn’t* want to do, haha! We’d love to have you join us!

  11. Robin C says:

    Just joined after the fact. Will I receive the previous emails I missed? Is there a discussion forum or website “hub” that I can go to and pick up where I left off? I did receive the welcome screen with “Just give up”. Just wondering if there’s any other content I need to access at this point to catch up. Thanks!

    • Hi, Robin! The program starts you right at the beginning. You’ll receive week one right away, and then the subsequent ones each week! I hope you enjoy it all. You’ll get a link to the discussion page soon!

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  13. Pinkone78 says:

    If I were to pay the full subscription fee and then decide that this study is not for me or that i can’t keep up do you issue partial refunds?

  14. Jen Steed says:

    Is there a book list for the year so that I can get an idea of my budget for the year?

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  16. Hi, I just joined last night but after my Paypal receipt I was never sent to a welcome page to confirm my registration.  Could you give me the information for that?  Thank you! Oops, that is my son’s Facebook account I just logged in with. Sorry about that. I am Melanie Kendall.

    • Hi, Melanie! Yes, that was an interesting profile picture for Melanie, haha! I sent you an email today just in case you didn’t receive the first one. Perhaps check your spam folder? And if you don’t have it, would you send me an email with the correct address for you and I’ll send it again? I sent my email to the one listed on your Paypal account. Thanks!

  17. Crwtobias says:

    Hi!  I just joined but I didn’t receive a welcome page upon registration;I  do not show anything in spam & my e-mail address listed on my Paypal account is the correct one.  How do I get this information?  Thanks!

  18. Christel Walker says:

    By the way–this is posting me as crwtobias-My name is Christel Walker

  19. I joined and was sent to the welcome page but unfortunately was blocked when I put my information in due to the computer I was on at the time. My e-mail is in my Paypal but I didn’t get the welcome information.

  20. Elisha_kemp says:

    Didn’t receive or taken to welcome page.


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